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    Aego BT2 Aego BT2
    Monterey Monterey
    MR1 Mk2
    V42D Bluetooth Speaker V42D Bluetooth Speaker
    Ruark R1S Smart Radio Ruark R1S Smart Radio

    SONY MHC-V77DW High Power Home Audio System with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi


    Yamaha NX-P100 Wireless Speaker


    Aego BT2  The BT2 is capable of a convincing stereo image in its own right. Featuring USB phone charging and a microphone for hands free calling for real world versatility. This is backed up by long battery life of over 20 hours, making the BT2 a perfect partner for everyday use.  


    Powerful and packed with music-friendly features, the Monterey Bluetooth Speaker makes it easy to bring Fender’s classic stage-ready style, performance and sound to your home, office or dorm room.


    What HiFi award Winner 2017. Best Desktop Speaker

    As independent reviews have shown, our award winning MR1 Bluetooth speakers provide remarkable sound in multiple applications. Improved for 2017, MR1 Mk2 retains all the attributes of the original, but with a fresh new look and updates to sound and connectivity, they are now better...


    With the powerful MHC-V42D featuring long distance bass sound, everyone at the party will feel the beat. Colourful party lighting syncs to the music and you can take turns to DJ using gesture control or your smartphone.


    It was 14 years ago that Ruark launched their first generation R1. 14 years on and this winter they are delighted to announce the launch of their fourth generation. Like the original, the design of R1 Mk4 is simple yet stunning, but Ruark believe even more in-tune with what discerning customers are seeking today.


    Available in three new colour schemes, Iron Black, Caramel White, and Chilly Blue, the DALI KATCH G2 will blend elegantly into almost any environment. A golden DALI logo coin anchors the genuine leather strap – now colour-matched to the main colour scheme.


    A Genuine Mini FM radio with bluetooth and aux in beautifully finished in a walnut or cherry


    Available To Pre Order

    Radio is thriving, with recent polls showing that for many, radio is still their favourite entertainment during the day. R1S takes this timeless medium to a new level, but with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also built in, R1S is more than just a radio, but...