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    Music Solo Music Solo
    V42D Bluetooth Speaker V42D Bluetooth Speaker
    Ruark R3 HiFi System
    OMNIA Home Audio System
    Philips TAM4205/12 Micro HiFi System
    €199.00 -€30.00 €169.00
    KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers
    Rega System One Rega System One

    Arcam Music Solo

    Award Winning What HiFi All in One Music System. A decade ago, Solo redefined the style and performance of compact Hi-Fi & Music systems, bringing Arcam’s legendary sound quality into 'non Hi-Fi' homes.


    With the powerful MHC-V42D featuring long distance bass sound, everyone at the party will feel the beat. Colourful party lighting syncs to the music and you can take turns to DJ using gesture control or your smartphone.


    We believe everyone deserves good design in their lives and the smart, elegant R3 system helps people enjoy life that little bit more. It combines a dapper, upscale design with a versatile and playful form factor, topped off by a sublime sound that belies its compact stature. It is also hugely flexible, empowering users to do more than...


    Blurring the lines that generally differentiate hi-fi and lifestyle, Omnia brings all of the pedigree that helps make audiolab electronics the connoisseur’s choice. Yet, indulgence in design, material aesthetics, and useability mean it has all of the functionality to make it a sleek, convenient and easy-to-use center-piece, for an...


    Can you imagine a life without music? Neither can we. With its slim profile, built-in radio and streaming options and natural, powerful sound, the all new R2 fits easily and unobtrusively into your surroundings, and makes it easy to enjoy the music you love the most.

    Philips TAM4205/12 Micro HiFi System
    €169.00 €199.00

    The compact Philips TAM4205/12 Micro HiFi system allows you to tune in to your favourite radio with FM or DAB+, play your collection of CDs via built-in CD player, mp3s from flash drive using a USB port or pair your smartphone using Bluetooth.

    Comes in a package with a pair of speaker cabinets featuring 4” woofers and bass reflexes for...

    KEF LSX II Wireless Speakers
    €1,409.00 €1,499.00

    Building on the huge success of their earlier counterparts, the LSX II brings even more audible detail, comprehensive connections and natural sound than before. Sixty years of design and engineering prowess have again allowed KEF to deliver a class-leading speaker which is available in five stunning finishes. Prepare to be exhilarated...


    The R3S is a class-leading music system boasting a whole host of capabilities and listening options. Enjoy wireless streaming, internet/DAB radio or breathe new life into your favourite CDs with the quality slot-loading player. WIth a new generation Bluetooth 5 receiver, you'll experience faster and greater sound quality, too.


    The Colourful Audio System, featuring the award-winning Debut Carbon EVO turntable, all-in-one network streamer - Maia S3, and compact and sturdy Speaker Box 5 S2 bookshelf speakers, is the best way to experience true hi-fi reproduction without breaking the bank. Taking the need to think about peripherals and necessary extras out of the...


    The perfect all-in-one analogue solution. REGA SYSTEM ONE™ is designed to be simple to set up, easy to use and deliver a true analogue experience straight out of the box. The REGA SYSTEM ONE™ consists of the multi-award winning Planar 1 turntable, the io amplifier, Kyte loudspeakers and all the cables you need to immerse yourself in the...